// Welcome to MEF Consulting - Real Estate is our passion

Successful real estates are not a coincidence, they are a product of good preparation

MEF Consulting combines successful business people from real estate, architects, craftsmen, finance and networking as well as marketing and distribution professionals with long-lasting and well-grounded experience in their respective area of expertise.

We focus on a healthy composition of new technologies and proven methods. Thus, we can offer you extensive portfolio of services in the real estate industry and beyond.

  • Online experiences - virtual tours

    Impress with an immersive 360° experience online.

    Premium real estate properties deserves a perfect presentation.

    Therefore, we take special pride in being one of the few companies in Europe which can offer this exclusive service to our customers and partners.

    With our state of the art 3D-HDR-Camera, we can create exceptional realistic 360° property presentations. 

  • Off-Market - rare properties

    From Seller to buyer directly,
    without middleman

    This is the reason that these special properties are our top priority and are treated with great discretion and with the utmost care.

    With our specially developed and constantly updated CRM-System, we are able to analyze the market quickly and efficiently and therefore find the suitable buyer or seller. Put us to the test.

  • News - prior notice

    New construction project next to the english garden in munich

    If you are interested in further information , we look forward to your contact request . We will send you the complete property documents .

In all we do, we are better today than yesterday