// Core competency - development and imparting

High quality offers and a precise selection of the demand are of major importance to us

We understand ourselves as an integrated partner of proprietors and buyers in all areas of classic private property management.

With profound knowledge of the existing markets, we develop customized and goal-oriented strategies.

We bring together what belongs together.

  • Marketing - Property presentation

    Real estates deserve a modern presentation

    In order to fulfill the needs of our global & international target audience, we are already able to realize impressive and customer-friendly visualizations of properties.

    As one of the few companies in Europe, we offer particularly impressive 360° virtual-reality-presentations thanks to a special HDR & 3D-technology.

    Are u curious? Call us.

  • Off-Market - Rare properties

    From seller to buyer directly, without middleman

    This is the reason that these special properties are our top priority and are treated with great discretion and with the utmost care.

    With our specially developed and constantly updated CRM-System, we are able to analyze the market quickly and efficiently and therefore find the suitable buyer or seller.

    Put us to the test.

  • Acquisition profiles - We look for

    A loyal and fair together is very important to us

    We ar looking for land to develop.

    Location: munich urban area / railway area around munich

    Use: pure residential use

    Size: up to 1.000 qm

    We would be pleased if you send us your offers – preferably by e-mail – to: ankauf@mef-consulting.de

  • Realization - Project Development

    We acquire properties for project development

    We take over the whole organization and the associated permission to the builder/constructor.

    Additionally, we work as a service provider for third parties and realize related project developments such as:
    - Modernization and Privatization of existing properties
    - Allocation and renovation of old buildings as well as landmark buildings
    - High-quality postcompaction  in grown residential areas

  • Wealth - ROI

    There is an investment crisis, especially in Germany

    Under pressure from diminishing returns, we focus on advising in the real estate sector.

    You fear for your money because of the low interest rates and are looking for new ways to preserve your wealth.

    Our experts offer you professional advice. 

  • Capital - Freedom

    Capturing growth opportunities and securing financial independence

    We comprehensively support in questions on financing related to properties.

    Through the analysis of your financial structure, our experts develop a tailor-made concept involving all funding possibilities like equity, outside capital and subsidies.

    If you have questions, feel free to call us or send us an e-mail. 

Innovative & Interactive - our virtual reality tours